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What Is It With Horses And Rainbows?
(An article by Stephanie Fry)

The very moment I met my extraordinary first horse, a rainbow formed above us. I believed this to be significant in heralding how that encounter was to change both our lives beyond recognition. But it turns out that the association of rainbows with horses is far from unusual, especially at times when their owners are experiencing worry or distress or when a beloved horse passes on.

Rainbows feature in numerous photographs of horses auras (the electro-magnetic fields surrounding the physical bodies of all living things which modern digital cameras are able to pick up), and they are powerfully symbolic in many mythologies and belief systems throughout the ages.

In Christianity, the rainbow is a symbol of the Christ Himself, as well as a token of the covenant of grace between God and the Earth (Genesis 9: 13 - 16). The "Rainbow Children" or "Warriors of the Rainbow" of various Native American prophecies are the generation who come after destruction is wreaked on the planet by the White Man's greed. They are the ones who will restore the health of the natural world, sow justice, peace and harmony among the people and rekindle their reverence for the Great Spirit.

In Eastern religions the rainbow colours symbolise a state of heightened awareness and vibration just short of Nirvana. In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton discovered that, when combined together, they make the colour white which stands for innocence as well as completion, truth, righteousness and faith.

Where, then, do horses fit in?

It is well-established that they are prey animals whose survival depends on lightning-fast reactions and rapid get-aways and that they find safety in numbers, functioning simultaneously as individuals and parts of that larger organism, the herd, with its many vigilant eyes and ears.

Their physical senses are supremely adapted early-warning systems, with all herd members being acutely aware of each other's body language as well as that of their predators. Not a flick of an ear or a widening of an eye will go unnoticed.

This constant communication is a vital safeguard of order in the herd. Any disarray or chaos could spell disaster when faced with danger. So to ensure that the herd can react and flee as one horses are also finely attuned to each other's emotional state.

In fact, another's aura is of far more interest to them than a physical body. It is this which makes it impossible to "pretend" to your horse. So innately adept are they at reading energy, intention and emotion that they are now routinely employed in psychotherapy, specifically addiction counselling where denial features strongly in the pathology. Horses basically make a patient's subconscious emotional state clearly visible to both the therapist and the subject themselves by truthfully mirroring what they perceive.

But even this, along with lending us their physical strength, is not the limit of their unrelenting service to mankind. And here we return to the Rainbow.

The Australian Aboriginal people believe the Rainbow Snake to be the Creator of everything in the "Dreaming" which "began with the world's creation and has no end. People, animals and Eternal Beings like the Rainbow Serpent are all part of the Dreaming, and everyday life is affected by the Dreaming's immortals." (Wikipedia)
pony with little girl and colours emitting out
Whatever we can dream can be so. Our thoughts are powerful tools of creation. Every thought we focus on for longer than a few seconds becomes a blueprint for its manifestation in our physical reality. This differs from "making a wish" insofar as it applies to all our thoughts, without exception. Just as it is within our power to create the things we want so will we continually manifest our lack of them or our fears if we keep dwelling on those.

Thoughts and feelings are intimately entwined. Our "stinking thinking" can make us very miserable indeed. By the same token, "choosing a better-feeling thought" can help us to "move up the emotional scale" until we reach an "emotional set point" which enables us to create our reality from a state of joy (Abraham-Hicks: Ask And It Is Given, Hay House 2005).

Many enlightened people agree that horses are indeed special creatures who have come to teach people (consider the horse nation in Swift's Gulliver's Travels). The immeasurably precious service they perform by reflecting back to us with unflinching honesty just where our emotional set point is lacking and how we can improve our thinking to enable us to create the reality we yearn for rather than the one we dread is testament to this. And yet it goes largely unacknowledged and unappreciated.

Instead, more often than not, they are completely misunderstood. Therefore I implore you: Next time you feel yourself getting frustrated with your grumpy gelding, your moody mare or your immobile introvert, will you please ask yourself this: "What is it in me that my horse is seeing and showing me right now? Do I like what I see in that mirror? And what can I do to change and grow into a better human?"
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